Features - Scheduling

QuickQuote has a built-in scheduling system so that you can keep track of everything from fabrication to installation dates for your quotes.  The day view provides you with a detailed look at what's on the calendar, whereas the month view gives you a better idea of how busy your schedule is.

QuickQuote's built-in calendar
QuickQuote's built-in calendar displaying a view of the whole month
What kind of activities appear on your calendar is entirely up to you, and your activity templates can be set to automatically fill in with details from your quotes such as the job name or customer address.  They're also color coded for easier reference, and you can filter the calendar to show only the particular type you're interested in the moment.

Google Power

QuickQuote can connect to your Google calendar and keep it updated with the activities you enter into QuickQuote. You can also use Google to map out individual addresses or send over a list of locations so you can figure out the most efficient route between job sites.

Adding an activity to a route to map with Google
Example Google route map