Features - Customer Web Portal

Our QuickQuote Lite web portal puts the power of QuickQuote's great countertop quoting system in the hands of your customers so they can do their own quotes and submit their drawings to you via the Internet.  It is hosted on our servers and embeddable on your website.

QuickQuote Lite takes customers step by step through the quoting process, and once they've submitted the quote, you can download it directly into your regular QuickQuote database.

QuickQuote Lite Web Portal

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Fast Setup

You can upload your current products and pricing right from your desktop version of QuickQuote to your QuickQuote Lite database so that you don't have to do double entry.  You can also import color, edge, and sink pictures for major brand names from our master database.

Follow Trends

QuickQuote Lite tracks what customers are selecting even when they're not submitting quotes so that you can see what products, colors, and edges are the most popular with the customers using it.

One Low Price

Get your own QuickQuote Lite portal for just $60 a month with no long term contract and no user limits.