QuickQuote Overview

QuickQuote’s simple, intuitive interface makes it easier than ever for fabricators and kitchen designers to get detailed estimates and shop-quality countertop drawings.  Plus you can lay out your slabs, schedule activities like template and installation, and export the quotes to QuickBooks for invoicing.  Take a look:



Entering dimensions for a U-Shape countertop

Easy Countertop Quoting

Select your options, enter your dimensions, and let QuickQuote do the rest.

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An example countertop layout created in QuickQuote

Automated Drawing

Instantly create shop-quality drawings of the countertop layout with every quote based on the selections you made and the dimensions you entered.

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An assortment of various countertop materials

Customizable Pricing

Choose from a number of different pricing methods and quote virtually any materials you want, including laminate, solid surface, engineered stone/quartz, granite, marble, and tile.

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A sample quote printout, work order, and option quote

Professional Quote Printouts

Give your customers elegant, one page quotes complete with the drawing and your logo, create work orders for the shop, and generate side-by-side comparisons for their layout in various products and color selections.

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QuickQuote's built-in calendar


Schedule everything from fabrication to template and installation dates on QuickQuote’s built-in calendar, and connect it to Google so you can see it anywhere.

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A slab with countertops positioned on it

Slab Layouts and Inventory

Estimate how many slabs you’ll need for the quote in Slab View, or use QuickQuote’s Slab Layout to arrange the parts on slabs yourself for a more precise count. The layouts can even pull from an inventory list of slabs and remnants, complete with pictures.

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Export to Excel, QuickBooks, and Adobe

Multiple Exports

Integrate QuickQuote with your existing systems by importing and exporting to a number of different formats, including transferring quotes directly to QuickBooks.

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A screen shot of QuickQuote Lite

Customer Web Portal

Subscribe to our QuickQuote Lite web portal and your customers can do quotes themselves and submit them to you via the Internet.

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