Latest QuickQuote Updates

We’re always working to improve QuickQuote to make it an even more powerful tool for our customers.  Below you can find a list of our most recent updates to the software.  Customers with a current updates subscription can log in and download these new features and improvements at no extra charge.

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4/13/16 – Version 4.0

What’s New

UAC Compliance and .Net 4.0

  • QuickQuote has been upgraded to bring it in line with more modern versions of Windows. This means it is now running on the .Net 4.0 Framework, and all of your local data has been moved to C:\ProgramData\Crystallyne\QuickQuote so you won’t have to worry about those pesky virtual folders anymore.
    ***Note to System Administrators: QuickQuote will now run “AsInvoker”, so adjust your permissions accordingly***

Changes to Images

  • Color, Edge, Product, and Sink Images will now be stored on your server so they only need to be set once from now on.
    ***Note to system administrators: make sure to give users full access to the new folders.***
  • QuickQuote will now accept .jpg, .gif, and .png files as images in addition to .bmp files.

Utility Upgrades

  • The Customize Products utilities have all been completely overhauled. We hope this makes them much more intuitive so that you can make pricing changes faster and easier.
  • You can now delete more than one item at a time by selecting them all in the grid before hitting the delete button.
  • We’ve added a field that allows you to specify what Item Name an edge, premiums, service, sink, and/or splash will use when transferring to QuickBooks instead of using their QuickQuote item code.
  • Splashes have a new field for their default height
  • You can now set the image for an item before you save it the first time.
  • We’ve added utilities to backup and restore your data.

Scheduling Upgrades

  • We’ve also upgraded the schedule calendar. This should eliminate many of the weird sizing problems you may have experienced when adding activities.
  • Previously, the popup window contained a button to map the location of an activity, this has been moved to a menu when you right-click the activity.
  • Also in the right-click menu is an option to add the activity to a route. Once you have all the activities on a route, click to show the route and you can send all the locations to the Google at once to map the entire route.

Slab Labels & Barcodes

  • You can now print labels for the slabs in the Inventory section. These labels can be pure text, or they can include a Code 128 1D barcode or even a QR Code!

New Drawing Options

  • We’ve added two new premium item types called “Radius Corner Notch” and “Notched Corner”. These allow you to draw notches by selecting them from the drop down on the shape instead of having to use a Banjo Cut.
  • There’s now an option to turn on the rulers for the main drawing area in the Drawing menu.
  • CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y have been activated for Undo/Redo in the drawing area. Keep in mind these only affect drawing window and not the countertop items themselves.

New Pricing Methods

  • There are two new pricing methods available for products for pricing slabs.
  • They are “Slab + Square Foot of Countertop” and “Slab + Square Meter of Countertop”. Unlike the traditional slab pricing methods, these will return a set price for the entire slab at that Price Level rather than being per square foot or per square meter.
  • The original slab pricing methods have been renamed accordingly to “Square Foot of Slab + Square Foot of Countertop” and “Square Meter of Slab + Square Meter of Countertop”.
  • The “Tabular” method has been renamed to “Piece/Blank”.


  • The color selection window has been upgraded to open faster.
  • If the product is set to display color images, they will now draw at 100×100 to be easier to see, and they will appear for both stock and non-stock colors if they exist.
  • The search bar is now available to search both the stock and non-stock lists for a color.
  • We can now customize printouts to show the color swatch and/or Tab Name.
  • When entering corner dimensions, images of the corner will rotate to the same orientation of the corner selected.
  • The product picture/label and the edge picture/label in the corner of the drawing area will disappear on mouseover so that it does not impact your ability to select or drag things.

Fixes In Version 4.0

  • New items in utilities prompt if the code is already taken
  • Items with ‘ or ” in their codes/names should no longer have issues saving
  • Fixed item dimension form sizing. Parts should no longer be cut off.
  • Fixed joints/seams drawn at the exact corner of L/U shapes not splitting properly
  • Fixed break line tool not breaking the shape when crossing a sink cutout
  • Fixed shape orientation pictures not staying centered in the shape window
  • Fixed price level not deleting properly
  • Fixed ellipse not drawing properly in slab layout
  • Fixed Save As New not filling tab price in order log for new quote
  • New tabs should not ask to change splash if there are no countertops on them yet
  • NonCountertops should no longer throw “error assigning color” error when selecting an existing nonctop premium
  • Quick select service checks on the main window should now be disabled if no service is set to use them
  • Numerous other minor changes