Latest QuickQuote Updates

We’re always working to improve QuickQuote to make it an even more powerful tool for our customers.  Below you can find a list of our most recent updates to the software.  Customers with a current updates subscription can log in and download these new features and improvements at no extra charge.

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02/12/18 – Version 4.0.5

What’s New In Version 4.0.5

Customer Type Upgrades

  • We’ve re-tooled the customer type utility to bring it in-line with the other utilities
  • You can now add a new type by selecting <Add New> from the customer type drop-down when creating a customer
  • You can now delete customer types that are no longer in use
  • We’ve added a separate modifier for slabs so that you can create tiered pricing just for the slabs without affecting the countertop price

What’s Changed In Version 4.0.5

  • Adjusted drawing sizing when printing so that the drawing fills the image area on the printout better when it’s wider than it is tall
  • Fixed estimated slabs not being removed when the last countertop of that color is removed
  • Fixed default splash/edge not changing to match the one for the selected tab when switching between tabs
  • Fixed cutouts not drawing from the same direction as the dimension entered on some alternate orientations for L and U shapes
  • Fixed vertical R shape not drawing cutout properly
  • Product and edge pictures in the corner of the drawing area will hide automatically when selecting zoom/area select tools so that they do not interrupt the selection process on mouse-over
  • Switched backup compression to use Zip64 so that it should allow for larger file sizes
  • Fixed different color slabs being combined to the same line item when they were the same size
  • Fixed multiquote using slab description for slab qty
  • Updated links from to
  • Updated license registration to work with the new purchasing system